Paul Stanley On New KISS Album: “I Think It’ll Happen”

Do we want/need another KISS album? Well, according to Paul Stanley, it’s irrelevant want we humble mortals want. Stanley has dissected the idea of whether there will be a new chapter in the KISS anthology and if there is, it will be more for the band than for fans.

Speaking to Cleveland Scene, Stanley first explained his concerns with entering the current market with a brand new album. As he sees it, the industry just doesn’t have the soul it use to to accommodate for such a release.

“Records at this point are really something that if we do, we do it for us more than anybody else. The market, the sales aren’t there… the delivery system isn’t there. There really is no music industry.

“It’s a guy who ran Tropicana last year that may run a record company this year. It’s not a bunch of people who love music. It’s a commodity at this point.”

All that said, however, a new album isn’t completely ruled out. Stanley adds that they’ll need to be a pretty darn good reason for them to put in the effort though, “Sonic Boom’, there was definitely a reason to do. ‘Monster’, there was a reason to do. We’re toying, certainly I’m toying, with the idea of doing another album. I think it will happen.

For any KISS fans who are now feeling a sudden chill down their spine, it seems as though the band have their head in the right place to release an album decades after their peak, and are well aware that it needs to be just right.

“The only thing I’m adamant about is that it’s not ‘Son Of Sonic Boom’ or ‘Son Of Monster’ or son of any other album. I’m not interested in making a concept album, but I’m also not interested in just rehashing the last two albums, so it has to be something fresh. Because initially, the people we’re doing it for are us.”

Stanley is sticking to his opinion on the matter, which he also vented earlier in the year, commenting that you should only ever do a new album if “artistically, you wanna do it.”

Monster, the latest album, dropped back in 2012. Then the band proved to have some pretty solid pushing power, shifting a comfortable 56,000 in it’s first week in the US and charting at #3.

But it ain’t 2012 no more…

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