Pearl Jam Have Launched a Huge Online Archive of Their Live Shows

Pearl Jam have launched a website featuring recordings from 186 of the veteran Seattle rockers’ live performances throughout the years, containing over 5,000 individual tracks.

Recordings have been collected from nearly a decade and a half of the band’s shows, running between 2000 and 2014, and are accessible via the Deep hub on the band’s official site.Within the trove there are recordings taken from PJ’s 2003 Australian tour in support of the band’s seventh studio album, 2002’s Riot Act.

Access to the Deep hub requires membership to the band’s Ten Club fan club, however, the band have also made several live shows available for listening via their Spotify and Apple Music pages. Listen to an extensive playlist of live cuts below.

Pearl Jam have a long history of sharing live recordings, having released hundreds of official bootlegs throughout their career both in CD and digital formats. The process kicked off on their 2000 Binaural tour, releasing 72 live albums in 2000 and 2001, and has continued since.

Aussie fans who are keen to see the band IRL after listening to these archival recordings may not have too wait too long. As The Music points out, frontman Eddie Vedder hinted that an Australian tour could be on the cards back in February.

Appearing on Nova’s Chrissie, Sam & Browny program, Vedder was asked by co-host Jonathan Brown if there was any chance of seeing the band in the country anytime soon.

“You know, actually because of the circumstance and because of the way you handled it… in some ways I could say with confidence it could be the first place we play,” Vedder responded.

Pearl Jam released their eleventh studio album, Gigaton, last year.

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