Peking Duk Dish Up New Song ‘Say My Name’

Aussie electronic duo Peking Duk have unleashed a brand new banger, dubbed Say My Name (not to be confused with the Destiny’s Child song of the same title).

The infectiously singable and lyrically bossy tune features guest vocals from fellow Canberrian Benjamin Joseph, whom the fellas describe as, “A man of mystery, an enigma”.

“He’s been in the family for a solid run now,” they told triple j. “I dare say in the next year or two people will connect the dots”. If you ask us, Ben sounds like the vocalist from another well known Aussie act who are doing pretty OK right now.

Say My Name comes hot off Peking Duk’s “ball-tingling debut album”, which is still in the works.

While the ARIA Award winners have yet to announce a release date for their long-awaited debut, which they’ve told triple j is “coming along nicely”, they have divulged that they’ve been spending plenty of time holed up in the studio with Silverchair frontman turned “sexy new RnB” solo artist, Daniel Johns.

“We wrote quite a few songs together”, the fellas told triple j. “We got to write a bunch of music with him and stayed at his house up in Newcastle and did a bunch of recording…

“We wrote one joint that was sort of like Peking Duk meets Daniel Johns’ sexy new RnB vibe. Then we wrote one that was really Jai Paul-esque, sort of trippy… We wrote quite a few songs together, it’s really exciting. We can’t wait to show everyone what it sounds like.”

“He’s our brother now, he’s an absolute dude,” the said.

The DJ double-team have yet to decide whether their forthcoming Daniel Johns collabs will feature on their LP or be released as something else entirely, but they are hoping to unveil them “very soon”.

But for now, we have the excellent Say My Name. The Duk premiered their first new musical offering since the delightful soundtrack to triple j‘s “Matt and Alex-ercise” video on none other than the j’s overnight.

Check out Say My Name, below, and then get a glimpse of what DJs Reuben Styles & Adam Hyde were like in high school here.

Listen: Peking Duk – Say My Name

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