Pennywise Push Back Aussie Tour Dates

Yeah, sorry guys, but it’s looking like those of you who have been waiting patiently for the return of punk icons Pennywise will have to wait a little bit longer. It would appear that Zoli Téglás, the band’s vocalist, has done his back in and can’t get on a plane.

The news came in through AJ Maddah’s Twitter, and even he seemed bummed by the news, albeit far more reserved than the rest of us, muttering a simple ‘oh feck!’ as he tweeted out the band news.

Téglás apparently got too caught up at a show on their current European tour and took the band’s already hefty amount of running and jumping to the next level, resulting in a slipped disc. According to Triple M, the dude can’t even get out of bed, let alone tour Australia. This is the 2nd medical incident related to the band’s new (ish) vocalist who collapsed during a set in Germany earlier this year.

The Australian Tour was meant to kick off August 23, though the new dates are still TBA. But as soon as we know, you’ll know.

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