People Are Having A Hard Time Dealing With Actually Liking The New Nickelback Song

Yesterday, the band that’s the butt of the music world’s jokes, Nickelback, dropped a new single called ‘Feed The Machine’, and ever since then the song has been feeding listeners’ insecurities about their own music tastes.

‘Feed The Machine’ is packing some metal-influenced guitar riffs and Muse-y lyrics, and while the band are still clearly trying to sound more like their beloved Metallica, they’ve captured the attention of people who wouldn’t normally be too keen on Nickelback music, and it’s led to some strong reactions…

Others disagree though, either because they think the song sucks, or because they think anyone who likes it is part of a new phenomenon in which the world puts up with things even if they’re terrible:

‘Feed The Machine’ will feature on a new Nickelback album of the same name, which is set for release on 9th June.

You can check out the track for yourself below — just don’t diss it too hard, or you might have an angry Avril Lavigne on your hands.

Watch: Nickelback – ‘Feed The Machine’ (Lyric Video)

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