Perth Nightclub Comes Under Fire For Allegedly Accusing Drug Spike Victim Of Lying

In supremely cooked news, Perth nightclub Rapture is facing intense backlash after word broke out that they had allegedly accused a victim of drug spiking a liar, questioning whether they’re “worth” being drugged.

A screenshot has been shared everywhere across social media of a conversation via Facebook Messenger of an anonymous patron – now revealed to be 19-year-old Shantel Smith via – asking the club to beef up their security after she believed she had her drink spiked, and the venue’s alleged response is straight up fucked.

“What proof do you have of your drink being spiked?” the venue allegedly wrote back.

“Why would anyone want to spike your drink? Did you attend a hospital and have your stomach pumped for evidence? Is this something you and your friends experience regularly? Would you like a crowd controller to hold you drink for you next time you attend a nightclub? Do you think ten crowd controllers would be able to stop you having your drink spiked?”

“Are you worth someone trying to spike your drink?”

“We think that this is a beat up and we believe that no one would be stupid enough to waste their drugs on spiking anyone’s drink.”

F U C K E D.

Naturally, the club’s social media pages have been flooded with outrage. The club is yet to respond to these allegations, but given the magnitude of the outrage from people all across the country, we’re assuming it won’t be long.

Read the full alleged screenshots below.

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