Phoenix End Splendour Speculation With Hints At Summer Tour

In one fell swoop, indie lords, Phoenix, have delighted fans and also somewhat bummed them out. For you see when they revealed to Triple J’s The Doctor earlier today that they will be touring Australia “either at the end of this year or very early 2014” they effectively removed themselves from the Splendour In The Grass 2013 rumour list.

Surely you’re only bummed out for a moment, though… that is, once the real news sinks in. Front man Thomas Mars has locked in a tour from the band in the medium-term future, commenting that they “discussed it today and we’re very excited but we’re still figuring out what’s happening.”

The Phoenix dudes seem just as stoked on the tour as we are, with Mars adding, “It’s really exciting to come to Australia and play live shows. The crowd there is unbelievably loud and great.” Hopefully he didn’t just say that – the last time the band were in town was 2009 so it would be a stretch of the memory to recall.

Very recently the band’s Coachella appearance arguably stole some thunder from their peers after they were joined on stage by R. Kelly for a seriously impressive mash-up.

Once the dates are firmed up you can be sure we’ll have the low down.

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