Your Phone Is Now A Jukebox In Over 200 Venues Around The Country

Once upon a time you’d walk into a pub or club, put a dime in the jukebox and jam out to rock ‘n’ roll all night long but now it’s just got even easier with a phone app where you can choose what songs play.

The crowdDJ app is integrated with Spotify so you can queue up songs to be played in the venue you’re in without even lifting your bum from the seat.

As reported by Billboard, it’s been tested in 250 venues here in Oz from pubs to bowling alleys and is obviously working well because they’re planning to make the app useable in 1,000 venues by the second half of the year.

Brisbane-based company Nightlife, who developed the app, plan to roll it out to 3,000 venues eventually.

CEO of the company David O’Rourke reckons reckons that it’s great for venues because people will stick around while they wait for their request (probably Bieber, let’s be honest) to come on.

“Venues will start to see longer dwell times and repeat patronage,” he said.

“In turn, the music industry will see greater awareness and adoption of high quality music services like Spotify for home, and Nightlife Music for business. Subsequently, these revenue opportunities will flow through to artists.”

Meanwhile Spotify reckons music fans around the country are going to “fall in love with it”.

Farewell, the sweet jukebox. The Grease Megamix will never be the same without you.


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