Play: Wavves ‘Weed Demon’ Video Game

Californian surf pop/rock band Wavves star in a new 8-bit scrolling game titled Weed Demon.

According to Consequence of Sound, Wavves worked with VICE and Mishka to create Weed Demon, which gives you the option of playing as either bassist Stephen Pope (who rides a skateboard) or vocalists Nathan Williams (on bike).

Once you’ve selected your character, your mission is to cruise through three stages, delivering drugs one address at a time. Wavves singer Nathan Williams describes the game as , “like Paper Boy, but you deliver drugs and you feed a monster meth at the end”, which is very accurate.

Once you’ve sorted out the suburbs with their fix (mind the gimp) you’ll move onto the big bad city. Navigate those streets successfully (well, there’s one street) and you’ll come face to face with the ‘Weed Demon’.

As Diffuser reports, Wavves have an amusing history with weed. At the 2009 VMAs, Williams was confronted by LA Lakers forward Metta World World (formerly Ron Artest) about smoking a blunt, which in a strange twist led to Pope being ejected from the awards despite apparently only having papers on his person.

Play: Wavves – Weed Demon

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