Playground Weekender Promise Refund Updates Tonight

Playground Weekender organisers have promised to update ticket holders on the refund situation tonight with an update on cabin refunds coming within the next 24 hours. On March 9th refunds were made to people who had purchased tickets via credit card, however there have been no updates on how people will be refunding if they did not pay by credit card. There has also been no information made regarding refunds for people who had purchased cabin accommodation.

Angry fans have been attacking the official Playground Weekender Facebook page demanding an answer:

Facebook fan: hey guys, we bought four tickets plus accommodation (tent city) on my credit card through greentix and have only been refunded a small fraction of the total cost. We’ve emailed the info contact and haven’t had a work back.

Facebook fan: since no one is replying to our emails about cabins,maybe you can answer me on here…whats happening with the cabin money?thanks


The Playground Organisers finally responded:

Response regarding cabin refunds

we will be emailing all cabin holders directly within the next 24 hours to update you on the situation.

Response regarding Paypal

we will be updating everyone on Paypal today right here on Facebook. More news soon.

The 2012 festival was cancelled by the SES and police when they became aware of a major flood threat to the festival site on the weekend things were supposed to kick off. However, soon afterwards it was revealed that Playground Weekender Pty Ltd has been listed insolvent and the 2012 festival was being run by a new company, Playground Festivals Pty Ltd.

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