Polaris Return With New Single ‘Masochist’

Two years after Polaris released their much-loved album The Mortal Coil, the Sydney metalcore faves have returned with brand new scorcher ‘Masochist’.

Beware, though: the song traverses through some pretty heavy and confronting lyrical themes. The song was born from a studio session in the rural town of Mollymook – the same place The Mortal Coil was recorded – and deals with battling your own negativity.

This song asks the question ‘Am I to blame for my own negative state of mind?’ said drummer Daniel Furnari of the song.

“‘Is this habit of constantly revisiting depressive thought patterns something I do to myself because some sick, destructive part of me almost likes it, or feels more comfortable living in that place – and will I spend spend the rest of my life there and drive away the people I care about it because of it?'”

“It’s a heavy question to hit yourself with, but it’s one that I feel like a lot of us have asked when we’re battling through difficult times and this song is an honest representation of points in time when I’ve felt that way. And the truth is of course, no – you’re not to blame for your mental health. It’s so complicated and being angry at yourself for the way that you feel leads nowhere, but sometimes turning the mirror on yourself like that is the only way to start becoming an active participant in your own wellbeing.”

They’ve also dropped an awesome video for the song, which you can view below.

You can see Polaris perform at Unify Gathering 2020.

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