Police Commend Behaviour Of Listen Out Sydney Festival-Goers Despite Over 100 Arrests

NSW Police have commended Listen Out Sydney festival-goers for their behaviour yesterday despite more than 100 arrests, the majority drug-related.

Police arrested 116 people who were found to allegedly be in possession of illicit drugs.

On top of that an additional 13 people were charged with the alleged supply of drugs as three other punters were taken to hospital for suspected drug-related issues.

“Most of the festival goers were able to enjoy the featured acts safely and without the dangerous effects of illicit substances or anti-social behaviour,” NSW Police Superintendent Karen McCarthy said, despite the arrests.

Last week at the Perth event 200 people jumped the fence with four people charged for offences including assaulting a police officer, disorderly behaviour and obstructing justice.

Festival organisers warned that police and security would be on “high alert” for fence jumpers this weekend in Brisbane and Sydney. Police further warned that there would be “covert” patrols this weekend.

In Sydney yesterday, three were charged with assaulting police officers while another two were charged with trespass offences. A further six people were charged with allegedly resisting police in the execution of duty.

The final leg of Listen Out is going down in Brisbane today.

Watch: Listen Out Punters Jump The Fence In Perth

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