Photo: Miikka Skaffari/WireImage

Police Reportedly Searched Juice WRLD’s Plane As He Suffered Seizure

The world is still coming to grips with the tragic loss of Juice WRLD, who suffered a seizure earlier this week that ultimately led to his death.

But now, The New York Times is reporting that he “began convulsing” as the police searched his private plane, under the belief that drugs and firearms were allegedly on board.

Police were waiting for the rapper’s plane as it landed at Midway Airport in Chicago on Monday, 8th December. They said they found 70 lbs of marijuana on board, as well as six bottles of codeine cough syrup and three firearms.

The NYT is also reporting that Juice WRLD was treated with NARCAN, which is a pharmaceutical used to fight opioid overdoses.

An autopsy was conducted, but results returned inconclusive. Authorities are still waiting on findings of the toxicology report that was also conducted.

Juice WRLD – real name Jarad Higgins – passed at the age of 21. Celebrities continue to pay tribute to him on social media, with Lil Nas X covering his biggest hit ‘Lucid Dreams’ at a gig last night.

Rest in Peace, Juice WRLD.


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