Post-Coachella Axl Rose Is Scooting Into AC/DC Mode

Fresh from two monster headlining sets at Coachella 2016 with Guns N’ Roses, Axl Rose is switching gears in more ways than one.

The world’s most in-demand frontman was filmed zipping round LAX Airport on one of those scooter thingies like some kind of turbo-grandpa, boarding a flight to Europe post-festival to hook up with his other band.

Putting his massive reunion with *estranged* GNR bandmates Slash and Duff to the side for now,  the still-broken footed Axl will now be in full AC/DC mode until mid-June, filling in for Brian Johnson on the remainder of the Aussie rock giants’ Rock Or Bust world tour dates.

And while he was rocking and rolling into the terminal on his speedy new Axlmobile, the rocker was quizzed by an Aussie paparazzo about the whole thing, in what is to be perfectly frank a straight-up cringe-worthy AF interview.

As poor Axl is dogged by the media equivalent of intestinal parasites as he tries to board his flight, he diplomatically answers some of old mate’s questions, revealing that his favourite Acca Dacca song right now is Touch Too Much, while admitting that Coachella weekend 2 was the most fun one.

He also had some brief reflections on the sad news of Prince’s passing.

But #ProTip: watch the TMZ video with the sound on mute so you get to see an endearingly dorky Axl ballin’ round LAX on a scooter without having to endure his painful exchange with the paps.

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