PREMIERE: Bad Pony Unveil Intoxicating Indie-Rock Bop, ‘Forever My Love’

Half-Sydney, half-Melbourne indie rock collective Bad Pony are back with a hypnotic groover dubbed ‘Forever My Love’.

Premiering exclusively via Music Feeds below, the tune is a slow-burning bop laced with playful synths and verby vocals that come to a towering boil in the chorus.

Lyrically, the song was inspired by a piece of jewellery that songwriter Jarred Young holds close to his heart.

“‘Forever My Love’ is about a ring that I inherited from my parents,” the artist explains. “My mum bought it for my dad before they got married and it has the phrase ‘forever, my love’ inscribed on the inside.

“I wear it every day and think the message is really beautiful. We live in different countries so it’s a nice reminder of the love they have for each other and also the love we have as a family. I can’t play drums with it on so I take it off pretty frequently… I’ve lost it three times and it always finds its way back to me in extraordinary ways.”

He continues: “This is one of the few songs off the forthcoming album that Sam [Thomlinson] and I co-wrote together and as a result has a pretty electronic vibe. It’s also the first track we teamed up with a producer on and had Steven Schram take the reigns. It was an incredible experience working out of Rockinghorse Studios in Byron Bay for three days and I think he really brought raucousness, interest, energy, grit and a songwriting sheen to the process.”

Listen to Bad Pony’s ‘Forever My Love’ before it drops officially, below.

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