PREMIERE: Ball Park Music’s Caption-tastic New Video For ‘Nihilist Party Anthem’

Ball Park Music are today dropping the video for Nihilist Party Anthem, the first official single from their forthcoming album. Following on from the release of teaser single Pariah last week, the video has its tongue jammed so hard in its cheek it’s getting ulcers, as it takes us into the mind of the band via the magic of captions.

Speaking about the track front man Sam Cromack describes it as “kinda like the antithesis of It’s Nice To Be Alive. This song is saying, ‘Hey, look, I’m getting older now and I’m finding life to be weird, depressing, awful and pointless. But what can you do? Let’s just kick back and enjoy it for what it is (it’s terrible btw)”.

“Recently I discovered this page called Nihilist Memes and it’s hilarious. It’s a new anchor for my sense of humour. I like laughing at death, at misery, at all things foul. When I say, ‘Life is awful’ I don’t see it as a selfish statement that pertains only to me; I see it as a shared thing. I am sharing this awful life with everyone. I’m a cat in a cowboy hat and this is my Nihilist Party Anthem”.

Fun times in the Ball Park music camp then…

On the clip itself, Sam tells Music Feeds, “We were sorting through footage from our recording sessions earlier in the year and we realised we had the actual take of us playing Nihilist Party Anthem. I don’t know who thought to add our real-time thoughts as captions in the video but it worked so well and just felt like the silliest concept. It feels funny and legit, because we never really planned any of this.

“I think if we’d had this idea earlier on and aimed to shoot for that purpose it would have failed miserably. But when we’ve showed friends they’ve had such a good giggle. We were just being ourselves and trying our best. It’s awkward and terrific.”

Set to play this year’s annual Splendour In The Grass, you can be sure to be seeing a lot more of the band this year when they finally drop the as yet untitled new album mid-2016. In the meantime check out the video for Nihilist Party Anthem premiering right here on Music Feeds.

Watch: Ball Park MusicNihilist Party Anthem

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