PREMIERE: Faker Frontman Nathan Hudson Offers First New Singles In Four Years

Faker frontman Nathan Hudson is just about ready to release his first solo music in four years via what can only be described as a songwriting adventure called Map Of Stars. Music Feeds is stoked to be able to bring you the premiere of a two-song first release from the series; the driving new single Getaway Car as well as a B Side called Heavens.

Hudson recorded the two-track in LA recently with the first song Getaway Car seeing a guitar-driven melody push an up-beat tune along with Hudson exploring his full range with distinctive vocal style.

Heavens on the other hand is a slow-burning, melancholy-tinged effort, with more than a smidge of Bowie sprinkled on top.

The Map Of Stars project will see Hudson travel to different cities over the globe; assembling a group of musicians in each place and spending a month recording and releasing two brand new songs. One Month. One City. Two Songs.

The project won’t be limited to genre or style; and is more of a journey for Hudson in exploring the connection between location, experience, people and the music that connection leads to.

Listen: Nathan Hudson – Getaway Car

Listen: Nathan Hudson – Heavens

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