Premiere: Jack Grace Takes You To Church With This Spine-Tingling Live Performance Of ‘All Lost’

BIGSOUND speculation has put New South Welshman Jack Grace right at the top of the ‘can’t be missed’ list, and once you take a goosey gander at his stripped back, close-quarters performance of All Lost, it’s no surprise why.

Filmed on a trip to Melbourne alongside his longtime collaborator Christopher Port, Grace took to the floor of the Northcote Uniting Church, setting up his piano and a table of midi controllers.

Adding gallons of sentiment, Grace stripped things right back and also rearranged his most recent single All Lost, which he has described as being written about a tumultuous and emotional period of his life.

“My real name isn’t Grace originally. The act of me changing it too Grace is a more extreme version of me setting a reminder every day that just said ‘Grace’ on it,” he says, explaining the inspiration behind filming the clip inside a church.

“Having left institutionalised religion when I was 17, it was only recently I realised I’d completely gutted my life of all these values that I thought I no longer had access too…I’ve fucked up…but I’m going to cut myself some slack. Life’s not a never ending ladder we are climbing into the clouds, it’s about reclaiming language, values, ideas for wellbeing now.

“I’d written another ending for All Lost but had missed the deadline for my label, so I decided to record it live with my buddy Christopher Port.

“Apart from practicalities, it was a nice space, with a really nice piano and the reverend was incredibly accommodating and helpful, the choice of making the video in the Church has no more significance then the parallels you’ve probably already drawn.”

The brooding tune is an early glimpse at Grace’s forthcoming EP which is expected to drop in October.

So we advise that you stop whatever you’re doing, put your feet up, hit play and close your eyes. We’ll join you on the ride.

WATCH: Jack Grace All Lost – Live at the Northcote Uniting Church (Extended Version)

If you’re heading to BIGSOUND, Grace will be playing Ric’s Big Backyard from 9.50 – 10.20pm on Wednesday September 7th and at Black Bear Lodge from 3.15 – 3.35pm on Thursday September 8th.

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