PREMIERE: KG Drops The Fresh & Uplifting ‘Come Along’

Canberra-based hip-hop artist KG has built a career on inspiring hope and positivity through his music, and his latest track ‘Come Along’ is no different.

Enlisting the help of Sydney based Mirrah and her beautiful vocal delivery, ‘Come Along’ is a testament to the unmistakable power of a positive attitude. To match that, the rapper has dropped an equally as bright and vivid music video.

Of the video, KG says his favourite part was getting to share the track with other people.

To see (other people) vibe out instantly once they heard the music, made the video so easy to shoot,” he said.

“We even had randoms come over to say how much they were loving the sounds! To be able to express my African story, culture and language through the song and share that with others on set, was a really dope experience!”

Mirrah echoed these sentiments, while also praising KG’s ability to stay true to his message.

“It was an honour to be apart of a heart felt project and to bring my vibe with a fun singing chorus to compliment KG’s message,” she said in a statement.

“Always a pleasure to support KG and celebrate the meaning of ‘Come Along’ by sharing my thoughts on how humans are working hard to survive daily and how everyone comes along way in our individual journeys.”

Check out the video for ‘Come Along’ below.

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