Image for PREMIERE: Ry – ‘Gimme That (Feat. Jordan De La Cruz)’

PREMIERE: Ry – ‘Gimme That (Feat. Jordan De La Cruz)’

Written by Nastassia Baroni on March 2, 2015

Rising Melbourne MC Ry, aka Ryan Egan, has just dropped his breezy new single Gimme That, made in collaboration with Brisbane singer Jordan de la Cruz, and along with a video to accompany it’s getting its premiere right here on Music Feeds.

The track is taken from the MC’s forthcoming Ivory Coast EP, and pays homage to late 90s east coast hip hop. Explains Ry, “Sometimes I take things too seriously, but this song is about the opposite of that. The ultimate high is just to let go.”

The young MC is part of a community of rising hip hop artists intent on diversifying the genre. “People are just a bit more open to opening up,” he says. “Maybe that’s what being ‘real’ is nowadays – just being upfront and honest and talking about that sort of stuff.”

The Gimme That video was directed by Luke Goodall, the guy behind Ry’s web series Good Things Work Out, and is a cheeky commentary on today’s digital culture. It intercuts between footage of Egan and de la Cruz performing the song with fans, some of whom are familiar faces, listening to the track online.

The video even features a special cameo appearance from Grammy Award winner, Melbourne-based producer and artistM-Phazes and actor Alan Fletcher, aka Neighbours‘ Dr Karl Kennedy.

“It’s almost a bit of an ode to the role the internet plays in our lives, because we’re definitely the webcam generation,” Egan explains to Music Feeds. “At the end of the day, the song wouldn’t have happened without the Internet – all the artists on the song met through that. So we just kinda wanna show how one thing leads to another online and how a song is received nowadays that way.”

Ry’s Ivory Coast EP is due out soon via Inertia. Watch the video for Gimme That (Feat. Jordan De La Cruz) below.

Watch: Ry – Gimme That (Feat. Jordan De La Cruz)


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