Prepare To Be Emotionally Ambushed By Ryan Adams’ Heartbreaking ‘Bad Blood’ Cover

Ryan Adams recently launched a bid for the crown of World’s Biggest Taylor Swift Fan by pledging to cover every single song on the pop star’s monster 1989 album, and as further proof that he ain’t pulling a Swiftie, here’s his official full rendition of Bad Blood.

The noted purveyor of heartfelt alt country rock tunes has transformed the chart-smashing pop gem into, what else, a heartfelt alt country rock tune.

His tender, heartbreaking version of T-Swizzle’s probable (definite) Katy Perry diss track premiered on the Beats 1 Radio show with Zane Lowe overnight, near-unrecognisable with a mid-tempo makeover and a smattering of lush strings.

Basically, it’s an emotional ambush. We never would have guessed that Tay Tay’s most spiteful pop anthem could be transmogrified into such a heartbroken lament to lost friendship, and would hit us right square in the feels.

It’s a far cry from internet sensation Anthony Vincent’s Disturbed-style rendition of the same song, that’s for darn tootin’.

Well played Adams, well played.

After initially making T-Swift’s head explode by announcing the 1989 covers project, the crooner has since released a few other song snippets and juicy details about the rest of the tunes off his forthcoming tribute disc.

His “spooky” version of Shake It Off, for instance, is apparently arranged like Bruce Springsteen’s I’m On Fire and “sounds like it could have been in True Detective in a driving scene or smthng”, while he’s likened his version of Out of the Woods to The Smiths’ That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore, and reckons it’s “maybe the best sad song I ever did.”

As the countdown til the album’s release on Monday, 21st September begins, Tay Tay has gushed about her own excitement some more: “Ryan’s music helped shape my songwriting,” she posted on Twitter. “This is surreal and dreamlike.”

As Consequence Of Sound reports, the pop Queen will also be appearing with Adams for an interview on Beats 1 Radio on Monday, which will no doubt yield some interesting results.

While you wait for that to happen, you can stream Adams’ version of Bad Blood in the player, and check out some of the snippets of his other forthcoming Swift covers, below.

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