Prince’s Manager Wants To Use His Unreleased Music For A Musical

When Prince died earlier this year, he left behind “vaults of music” and now it seems it’s going to see the light of day, according to his manager Charles Koppelman.

Koppelman is in charge of managing Prince’s entertainment assets alongside his longtime lawyer L. Londell McMillan and wants to get the music out there either through a Broadway production or Cirque du Soleil show.

“We’re going to be having a good time,” Koppelman told PageSix, speaking about Prince’s unreleased material.

“There is so much to be done with this estate. There are vaults full of music.”

Successful Broadway musicals have been made out of the music of ABBA, Queen and Frankie Valli while a Cirque Du Soleil show has been created from The Beatles’ songbook.

“Prince was an icon on the level of The Beatles and Michael Jackson, and his legacy should be honored,” Koppelman said.

“Though his name was Prince, I always thought he was the king of music.”

A Minnesota court put in charge of Prince’s estate have recently allowed estate administrators Bremer Trust to begin monetising his name and image. Bremer Trust put Koppelman and McMillan in charge of his entertainment assets and will also reportedly turn his Paisley Park Estate into a theme park similar to Elvis Presley’s Graceland.

It’s yet to be seen whether posthumous Prince records will be released using his unreleased material.

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