Prostitute Killers Change Name, Apologise Following Gig Cancellation

The band known until recently as The Prostitute Killers have issued a statement via Facebook, apologising to the “large community of people” who took offence to their former band name. The band were pulled from a lineup set to play Thornbury’s Tago Mago amid protest on social media.

“We would like to offer a formal apology to the large community of people who has taken offense to the band name The Prostitute Killers,” reads a statement by the band, who on Facebook are currently listed as New Name Undecided. “We do not condone violence of any sort to anyone.”

“There have been many reasonable and understandable points raised in the last few days which have covered a range of issues including misogyny, sex work, censorship, violence as well as a myriad of other subjects,” they continue. “There was no animosity meant behind the stage name.”

The controversial duo go on to write that they would particularly like to apologise to those who were personally affected by a stage name like The Prostitute Killers, insisting that they “hope the media attention is able to highlight the dangers associated with sex workers on a daily basis.”

They add that the venue’s reaction to the uproar surrounding their name is “entirely understandable due to the pressure put on the venue by a select group of people,” before alleging that they “experienced the full brunt of this group in the form of threats on our personal safety.”

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