Public Enemy Set To Release Two Albums Next Year

American hip-hop collective Public Enemy have told media that they will release not one, but two albums this year. Last year’s plead for fans to help fund their next records must have proved effective if they are able to record two albums within a year. The first album, titled Most Of My Heroes Still Don’t Appear On No Stamp is set for release in June, with the second album The Evil Empire of Everything set for release in September.

Chuck D, member off Public Enemy, has also spoken about Skid Row, a place close to his heart, attempting to draw attention to it with his celebrity status.

“Skid Row has been called ‘the dirty secret of LA’ for, like, forever” he explained. “And so, I’m gonna be loud about it.”

“What other place do I have? My place in hip-hop is not to be a tycoon, making trillions with a yacht. That’s not my place. My place is maybe bringing people together and me being able to identify and illuminate a cause, and we’ll make it comfortable for them to be themselves but say what they’ve really been wanting to say all along, you know, with my protection.”

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