Public Enemy’s Chuck D Slams Jimmy Page And Puff Daddy’s Kashmir Collaboration

Although it happened back in 1998, Public Enemy’s Chuck D won’t let it go. For those that don’t remember, the dark side of the 1998 release of Godzilla was the accompanying soundtrack. Similar to this year’s release of Men in Black, accompanied by a Pitbull track, the film about the green dinosaur came with a Puff Daddy and Jimmy Page collaboration.

Understandably there would have been a shitload of corporate dollars involved; however, the fact remains that Puff Daddy rapped over Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir, and not as a sample, it used Jimmy Page as a featured artist. The issue here is that artists ruin tracks all the time through samples, just check Pitbull’s entire discography, but it was an actual feature.

Speaking out about this to Rolling Stone, Chuck D slammed the two, calling it a ‘travesty’. “I like Jimmy Page and P. Diddy, but what they did to ‘Kasmhir’ was a debacle, They are giants in their own way – and you can print this – but that was a fucking travesty.” He continued “When I get involved with a classic, I knock the fucking ceiling out of it or I leave it the fucking alone.”

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