Purple Sneakers – 12th February, 2010

Back in 1886 an old, poor farmer stumbled across an awesome sparkly rock. Because it made him happy he called it a Glad-stone. This Glad-stone was so full of magical make-people-happy powers that people started paying shit loads of money to take a peek and feel glad. The old poor farmer was now loaded and decided to build a rad place called the Gladstone Hotel where all the babes and dude-babes would flock to make sweet parties and happy times!

Now you know the lame ass story of how the venue came to be you should come party with some folk who are freakin’ rad! First up we have new buddies Roof and The Resiliant Microbes as well as our awesome buds The Lost Boys for a huuuge set plus them Purple Sneakers DJs Benlucid and Nick Findlay!

We’re excited to be launching the debut album from Lightspeed ChampionLife is sweet! Nice To Meet You, thanks to Domino/EMI and the new album from Surfer Blood Astro Coast, thanks to Spunk! For giveaways and more info head to

Also our new home has a bistro! That’s right – you can grab an awesome meal while having a beer and listening to your favourite tunes as played by the Purple Sneakers crew. Bistro closes at 9pm so make sure you head down early for an amazing meal at super sweet prices!!!

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