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Purple Sneakers This Week: 17th July 2009

Written by Toby Smith on July 13, 2009

I hate the term ‘DJ battle’, because it sounds like something Nik Fish and Bexta did in 1997. But this Friday at Purple Sneakers we are actually going to have a DJ BATTLE….TO THE DEATH!! There are going to be ninja stars and all sorts of crazy shit flying around. Shards of awesome will probably end up shooting off the wheels of steel. Yeah that’s right, wheels of fucking 1990’s steel! Wear a helmet bitch!

Anyway, we are going to have two teams of DJs going hour for hour to see who can make the most people puke and/or lose control of their bowels from dancing too hard. The first team is fronted by the DUKES OF HAGGARD (Sleater Brockman & Magic Happens) and the second team is fronted by the PURPLE SNEAKERS DJs. Playing alongside the Dukes of Haggard will be DJ SPLITTER (The Wall), THE MYSTIC JAGUAR and 16 TACOS. On Team Purple Sneakers we have JANE GAZZO (Channel V), TOKI DOKI (FBi 94.5) and THE LOST BOYS. It’s going to be so much fun that when you leave the club you will be all like, hey that was so much fun.

This week we are stoked to be launching the brand new album from LA ROUX thanks to Universal Music. Check the website – – for more details and to be in the running to win a copy of the album.

Don’t Forget Purple Sneakers Happy hour is from 7pm – 9pm every Friday! $10 Jugs of Coopers Lager and $3 glasses of Champagne.

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