Purple Sneakers This Week: 2nd October 2009

Purple Sneakers is like your favourite pair of undies. They might not look so good from the outside but once you are in, it feels like home. The smell is a little odd but somehow invigorating and brings back good memories. The stains are many but each one tells a story and no matter how many times you keep saying that you will never wear them again, you always, always do! Also the Abercrombie’s carpet looks like the biggest skid mark in the world.

Well I am sure that referring to a club night as an old pair of undies is enough to convince you to come, but there’s more! We have awesome DJs coming out of the date hole this week and for the first time we have DJ heavyweights KNIFE MACHINE gracing the Purple Sneakers DJ booth. These guys have put together a killer indie set that you must not miss!!

They will be supported by the THIRSTY DEDDS, NIC YORKE and PURPLE SNEAKERS DJs. This week representing will be PhDJ, NICK FINDLAY and M.I.T

We are also very pleased to announce the official launch of TOM UGLY’s debut E.P. Check the website for give-aways


7pm till waaaay late! $10

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