R.I.P. Trololo Man, So Long, And Thanks For The Laughs

Famed internet meme singer Eduard Khil aka. ‘Mr. Trololo’ or ‘Trololo Man’ has passed away in hospital from a stroke he suffered at the end of May; he was aged 77. He was known to most of the world for his song I Am Glad, ‘Cause I’m Finally Returning Back Home. It became a viral hit in 2009 due to its quirky catchiness, and it eventually racked up 12 million views on YouTube.

Khil was born on 4 September 1934 in Smolensk, starting his musical career in the early 60s Russian Soviet era. He performed popular songs that saw him win many awards, including Russia’s most prestigious artist award, the People’s Artist of Russia in 1974. Between 1977 & 1979, Khil taught solo singing at the Saint Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy. During the 1980s Khil was one of the few Soviet people to have the chance to travel to the US and Europe, building a fan base outside his own country.

The ‘Trololo’ meme re-ignited interest in Khil’s singing career aside from his vocalised performance. For a time, the ‘Trololo’ website included a petition for Khil to come out of retirement to perform on a world tour.

The singer’s son Dmitry Khil says he will be buried this week in St. Petersburg’s Smolensky cemetery.

Eduard Khil – I Am So Happy To Finally Be Back Home (Trololo)

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