This Rad Dad Sets His Epic Christmas Lights To His Favourite Metal Songs

YouTube user ‘Slayer Bob’ isn’t your typical Christmas lights fanatic, because his house is covered in an epic light show which perfectly syncs up to tracks by the likes of Slipknot, Slayer, Metallica and Machine Head.

Slayer Bob’s latest creation for Christmas 2015 is set to Slipknot’s Psychosocial, and comes complete with a chorus of singing Christmas trees, a headbanging snowman and some metal horns. Behold:

Slayer Bob, who begins most of his videos with a photo of himself at the graves of rockers like Ronnie James Dio and Slayer’s Jeff Hanneman, has another new light show lined up for this festive season, and it’s set to Disturbed’s Stricken:

Slayer Bob hasn’t revealed his real name, and not much is known about him aside from the fact that he’s a king of metal-themed Christmas lights and has been posting videos of his work since 2009.

Slayer Bob writes on his Facebook page that he “started off with some basic Xmas music like everyone else” in 2008, but then thought it could be cool to use “music that nobody else does”, and he’s been doing exactly that ever since.

Like in many Christmas light situations, it appears that Slayer Bob is a daggy dad, with the description of his YouTube channel reading, “MY DAUGHTER GAVE ME THIS ACCOUNT FOR MY CHRISTMAS LIGHTS SO THIS IS NOW MY ACCOUNT,” and that makes sense because the account’s URL is actually “lacycute20”.

It’s unclear as to whether or not Slayer Bob’s neighbours love or hate his creations, but we adore them. Catch the whole set over at his YouTube channel.

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