Radiohead Brisbane Entertainment Centre, 09/11/2012 – Live Updates

Having missed out on Sydney tickets to Radiohead’s first show in almost 10 years, coming to Brisvegas was my only option, but fuck it. It’s Radiohead, a band high on my bucket list. After waiting for what felt like FOREVER, I woke up this morning with a big ass smile on my face. RADIOHEAD DAY! I thought to myself, “what a day, eh Millhouse? The sun is shining, the birds are singing”. It appears I spoke to soon.

Counting down the hours until my flight to Brisbane, Mother Nature had a menopausal fit with torrential hail and rain coming down hard and heavy on my dreams. I then thought to myself, “if my flight is cancelled and I miss Radiohead, I will kill myself. Goodbye sweet world.”

LUCKILY the sun reared her beautiful head and I was back on track… ALMOST. Delayed flights plus an extra half an hour in the air meant I literally made it just in time. BUT I MADE IT!! Despite rumours of a self-indulgent set list, my heart is racing like a bitch as I head to Brisbane Entertainment Centre, because I know whatever Thom does – it will be worth it. Stay tuned for my live updates. WARNING: There will be tears…

UPDATES: Radiohead, Brisbane Entertainment Centre 09/11/2012 (*Note – Updates in Brisbane local time)


23:06pm To everyone seeing them in sydney later this week, you will be in for an experience of a life time!! Goodnight!
23:00pm WOW WHAT A FINALE!!!
22:59pm Ahhh THOM is jumping around the stage, energy is so high!
22:58pm ICE AGE COMIN!!! Fuck yes!
22:58pm YES YES YES They’re back again!! IDOTEQUE!
22:57pm Stage lights are Flashing!!
22:56pm Stage is still alight!! And back ground music is playing!! I AM NOT LEAVING UNTIL THE HOUSE LIGHTS ARE ON!!
22:53pm Band is leaving the stage, everyone is on their feet applauding!
22:51pm Ahh Thom just took a bow and left the stage…
22:49pm Ahhhh it just got a kick of drum and bass!!

22:48pm So pretty!!! THOM singing a stunning live song on the piano!
22:47pm Haha he’s saying something but I can’t understand through his cockney accent

22:42pm YES YES YES THEY’RE BACK!!! If they play Karma Police I will die…
22:41pm Don’t leave DUMMIES the lights are still down, second encore for sure!!
22:39pm They just left the stage 🙁 Second Encore please!!!
22:37pm The goosebumps keep rolling in with Street Spirit!! Fadeeee outttt againnnn
22:34pm Satisfied does not cut how I’m feeling right now!!! Top 5 musical moments achieved!
22:31pm Ahh one of the best break downs ever!
22:30pm Every single person is singing along!! MAGIC!
22:29pm The time has come!! PARANOID ANDROID!!!!
22:28pm Hahahah THOM just said “Hello”
22:25pm Yupp, shit just got heavy for Good Morning Mr Magpie!
22:24pm Wow. The applause is ridiculous…
22:23pm Everyone around me is dead still because even the slightest movement might impede the beautiful flow of music.
22:21pm Drums just kicked in my heart is beating a little faster! fuck…
22:20pm Cello and Piano for PYRAMID SONG. Actually cannot handle how amazing this is.
22:19pm When I’m an old crazy cat lady living in a haunted house I want my ghost to sound like Thom Yorke.
22:16pm This is so beautiful I’m shaking…

22:15pm GIVE UP THE GHOST!! My fav song from King Of Limbs!!
22:15pm Hahaha THOM just said “would you like a little more” all proper and British like!! OH THOM YES!!
22:14pm YES THEY’RE BACK!!
22:12pm The applause is CRAZY!! ENCORE PLEASE!
22:11pm HA! My friend next to me just told him I’m making him deaf with all my screaming. Going deaf after hearing radiohead ain’t a bad thing buddy!!
22:10pm They’re leaving the stage 🙁

22:02pm No lyrics necessary! The music and Thom’s glitchy wails enough
22:00pm Ahhhh shit just got psychedelic!! Crazy blue and red lights! Seriously I cannot describe how much I feel like I’m on an Intergalactic journey right now! Bass just got real heavy, crazy lights flashing on stage…
21:57pm Sorry if I stop for a bit.. I just need to have a moment or two to soak it in! IM SEEING RADIOHEAD!! AHH
21:54pm Stage is a light blue! Looks like their under the sea! Man I’m so thirsty now!! But I can’t leave!! Radiohead will have to quench my thirst for now.
21:51pm My friend just asked me, “is this what acid feels like?” My answer, “this is so much better”
21:50pm Woahhh spine chilling guitar riffs, thumping drums for There There, I Love this song
21:47pm THOM just announced they’re doing a new song so they don’t go mad. It’s called Staircase. Signature radiohead! They really can do no wrong!
21:45pm Not even kidding! Totes feel like getting nude up in here. Thom be doing something to me!!
21:43pm Bluesy bass and sexy guitar riffs for Nude!

21:40pm UM HE’S PLAYING HIS GUITAR WITH HIS MOUTH. Yeah. That’s a thing that just happened.
21:38pm There’s an interview recording playing in the background leading into Climbing Up The Walls!!
21:36pm You can’t see it very well but Thom’s face is split across 18 screens…

21:33pm YOU AND WHOSE ARMY!!! what a fucking insane tune!
21:33pm Piano is back! Thom’s mumbling into the mike
21:31pm I feel hypnotized. Thankyou Radiohead!

21:29pm I actually can’t describe how happy I am to hear this in person! My ears feel blessed!! RESPECT MR YORKE
21:28pm RECKONER!! This is actually one of my all time faves!! Nice to see rainbows making an appearance!!
21:26pm He just said “cheers everybody” in his sexy English accent. SWOON
21:23pm The stage is drenched in red for Separator! He’s moving his hands are dancing like they have a mind of their own!
21:20pm HOLY FUCK! His dancing is the best thing I’ve seen ever!! Making full use or the stage he’s half doing the running man/old grey mare dance from the Simpsons!
21:17pm THE GLOAMING!! He’s sucking me down to the otherside!!!

21:16pm The base is pulsing!! The visual displays are insane!! I feel like I’m on a space ship!!!
21:14pm Thom Yorke, the king of quintessential white boy swag!! He’s dance moves are from outer space!!
21:13pm MYXOMATOSIS!! One of my faves from hail to the thief!!
21:11pm He’s cracking jokes now…LOVE!
21:09pm The band just kicked in, it’s getting heavy now! Ahhh PERFECTION!!!
21:08pm Ahhhh he just took to the Piano!! With a song called The Daily Mail…It’s AMAZING. Just THOM and a piano!!
21:04pm Girl next to me just said “I felt like I was being dragged by my feet through the trees, crouching Tigre hidden dragon style”
21:00pm Taking it down for the second song. The stage is emitting a stunning aqua green! Can’t say I can name the tune but its fucking beautiful! Lots of signature Thom wails. The audience is still, in awe!
20:57pm Thom York just greeted the crowd…
20:53pm THOM York is a mere speck on stage but WHAT A SPECK!!! The crowd is going ape shit!

20:51pm LOTUS FLOWER!!! Excuse me while I bust out some glitchy dance moves!!
20:49pm THOM just walked on stage!
20:46pm IT’s TIME!!
20:41pm T SHIRT ACQUIRED!! In the nosebleeds! The seat of champions!! The energy is crazy! The band is set to come out any second now!! Hurry!!

20:30pm MERCH! Line is insane!! But Whatevs I’m getting me a Radiohead t-shirt after the ordeal I’ve been through to get here!

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