Radiohead Fans Lash Out Over Ticketing Policy

Radiohead have found themselves in a bit of hot water recently in regards to their current ticketing policy. The paperless system of Ticketmaster, set up to hinder potential scalpers, has turned into a massive slap in the face for the legit fans.

How the system works is basically just like normal. Fans will purchase their tickets prior to the shows, and come the big night, present the card used for purchase, along with some ID. Now herein lies the problem: with such a system implemented, it has become impossible for fans who realise that they cannot make it, to hand off their tickets to other fans, friends, or even family as the name on the ticket must match the name on the ID.

The process makes life very hard for those who received their tickets as gifts.

Already the system has caused issues for shows throughout the UK, with Radiohead fan Paul Chambers, who spent £288 on tickets, stating (via Classic Rock Magazine): “I can’t go due to being away at work. The tickets are in my name and I can’t pick them up. My wife isn’t keen on going to the concert without me but couldn’t anyway due to my name and bank card being on the bill. I would gladly sell them to fans for face value but I can’t due to the restrictions.”

Ticketmaster has also come under fire due to the strict no-refund policy. Essentially, if you can’t go, no one can fill your seat on the night, no matter what. Though Ticketmaster did speak some truth in their return statement, “Terms and conditions relating to the purchase of paperless tickets are clearly outlined to customers at multiple stages during the purchase process, including the initial purchase page, the shipping page and the billing page. Information relating to their purchase of paperless tickets is also conveyed on the confirmation email they receive.”

The band is yet to say anything on the topic, though surely the fans’ beef should be with Ticketmaster and the promoters, Radiohead would never jerk us around like this.

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