Railcorp Staff Member Back On The Job After Being Sacked For Being A DJ

A bit of a strange situation here on behalf of Sydney’s Railcorp. The rail organisation has been forced to reinstate a staff member who was sacked for moonlighting on the weekends as a nightclub DJ.

The move was sparked after the powers that be came down on a one Sleiman Khalil failed to list his second occupation when he was hired to be a train conductor. Despite claiming that DJing was just a hobby, the board was having none of it, cancelling the employment until recently.

Khalil had always maintained that the ABN he held for DJing purposes was soley for the purpose getting hooked up on equipment. It seems like a pretty dog decision, and The Transport Appeals Board thought the same thing, labeling the decision as “excessive and entirely unwarranted” according to The Daily Telegraph. Also deciding that this was more of a ‘sit down and chat’ situation rather than a ‘lets fire him’ type deal.

So there you have it, its officially totally cool to work for the government, and be a DJ.

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