Redfoo Has Apologised For All The Times He Ever Offended Anyone

Perhaps persuaded by The Stiffys’ example of how to be a decent human being, Redfoo has taken to social media to offer an apology to “fans, friends & family” for any time during his mission to entertain that he’s inadvertently offended someone.

“To my fans, friends & family who, in my mind, are one in the same, I love you all,” he begins in his letter, letting us know right off the bat that his words of contrition are in no way intended for those who are not related to him or don’t consider themselves fans.

“My greatest joy & mission from day one has been to entertain people from all walks of life: the kids, parents, teens, ladies, gentlemen, cops & even the robbers,” he continues. “I get excited to create things that will unite all of us through laughter, dance & celebration. If during that process I offend anyone, I apologize from the bottom of my heart. In the future I will be more mindful of the way I present my art.”

Redfoo’s apology in no way makes any reference to his latest pièce de résistance that is the “song” Literally I Can’t, the track that launched a thousand headlines and sparked a petition to pressure Channel 7 into not renewing his X-Factor contract.

Taking to Twitter to defend his “art” during the social media bloodbath that ensued following the track’s launch, Redfoo complained the backlash against his overtly misogynistic and audibly painful track, and its equally awful video, was unwarranted.

“Another example of critics victimizing an artist by purposely misinterpreting his/her work to support a pre-existing agenda. #LiterallyICant,” he tweeted. “I made a comical party song to satirize the cliche #LiterallyICant. Some get it, some don’t.”

We don’t.

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