Redfoo Slammed By Former LMFAO Bandmate After Allegedly Stealing Royalties In “Crazy Power Trip”

8ky (formerly Skyblu) has taken to Facebook to slam his uncle and former bandmate Redfoo for shutting him out of LMFAO and allegedly taking all of the group’s royalties for himself.

It sure seems like ages since we heard anything from the party-rocking, everyday they’re shuffling duo, and as it turns out their demise as an act was perhaps a tad more unceremonious than many may have thought.

8ky was gearing up to release a solo album called Big Bad when he received an unexpected phone call last week, prompting him to go to town on Redfoo in a Facebook post. In it he opened up on how poorly his uncle has treated him since LMFAO went on hiatus a couple of years ago. “I woke up this morning excited to plan the release of my album that has been 2 years in the making, but then i get a call from my lawyer telling me you say you own all my LMFAO royalties,” said 8ky.

“The way you belittle people and your crazy power trips was some of the main reasons our relationship as family and partnership has greatly suffered,” he continued.

He went on to reveal that injuring his back before a big show that Redfoo decided to perform anyway was merely the beginning of being shut out of the project altogether. “You went out and performed but then just left on the tour bus without seeing me…. in fact you didn’t speak to me after that for about a year,” he said.

“As someone who really cared, loved and had your back this really hurt…..I mean… your my uncle!! My blood!!! You even kept touring as LMFAO and made a lot of money doing it,” continued 8ky. “You never once called me to ask me how i was recovering you just kept shuffling everyday without me. i really loved you, i looked up to you man, but the more successful we got, the more you wanted control.”

Though 8ky seems to be on the wrong end of things at the moment, he’ll surely have taken some solace in the fact that Redfoo’s first solo album Party Rock Mansion tanked spectacularly earlier this year, selling a meagre 144 copies nationally in its first week after release.

Read 8ky’s post in full, below.

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