Reel Big Fish Prepare To Unleash New Album

Ska Punk gods Reel Big Fish have announced today that their new album is ready to rock. Taking to Twitter, Reel Big Fish, who have frequented Aussie stages including Soundwave, pleased fans world wide with a short and simple message: “NEW ALBUM is all finished! it’s called “Candy Coated Fury” and it is due out this Summer!”

Followed by the following post on the band’s Facebook:

“Who’s got two thumbs and just finished mixing and mastering the new RBF record!? THIS GUY!”

Titled Candy Coated Fury, the release will be the first time we’ve heard from the band since their greatest hits release in 2010: The Best of Us…For The Rest of Us, as well as their Live! In Concert! DVD. It will make the first original material we’ve heard from them since 2007’s Monkeys for Nothin’ and the Chimps for Free.

Reel Big Fish are set to tour with Goldfinger shortly for the Summer Of Ska tour around the US.


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