Republican National Convention’s WTFs Continue With House Band’s Cringe AF David Bowie Cover

It’s now at a point where surely the entire Republican National Convention has been a sitch up, and any moment now Aston Kutcher is going to come out and tell us we’ve all been Punk’d. After a flood of WTF moments from the event, here’s another – a cringe, and largely inappropriate rendition of David Bowie’s Station To Station.

What was clearly an attempt to appear youthful and active in pop culture, the house band for the event, fronted by former-SNL musical director G.E. Smith, belted out an attempt at the track which they simply had to have known was an ode to mass Cocaine consumption.

This isn’t a particularly good look for the Conservative party given that The Tea Party governor and HYPER-anti drug person Mike Pence is now up for Vice President.

Musically, the track was a total snore. No soul, no panache, no gusto. Homeboy is clearly reading the lyrics as he performs them. One couldn’t even begin to imagine the internal crisis he felt when sang the lines: “It’s not the side-effects of the cocaine / I’m thinking that it must be love.”

If that’s some sort of metaphor for America’s relationship with Donald Trump, then I’m afraid no, it is still a side-effect of the cocaine.

The theme of the RNC this year seems to be misappropriate pop culture. So far, we’ve had the potential first lady Melania Trump accused of stealing parts of her speech from First Lady Michelle Obama, only for Camp Trump to come out and say “yeah, well, pretty-much but she also wrote a bit of it?”

Now it’s looking like the speech was a straight up Rick Roll, which if true is both hilarious, and absolutely soul crushing that this, ladies and gentlemen, is the campaign for leader of the so called Free World.

That AND Trump was officially crowed the Republican Candidate for the Presidential campaign.

You hear that?


WATCH: RNC House band performs David Bowie’s Station To Station

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