Revisit The Soundtrack Of Your Youth With The Nostalgia Machine

Remember when your entire musical library was contained within the CD case you carried along with your walkman? Well the internet, by way of The Nostalgia Machine, is now offering you the chance to dabble in some musical time traveling and hark bark to the glory days of your youth.

The website generates playlists by year and invites you to get your childhood jam on simply by entering a year into its search bar. The site then loads up the music videos of the Billboard Hot 100 chart from the given 12-month period.

Hark back to a simpler time in 2004 where Hoobastank and Jay Z ruled the charts, or spend some time with the the hair metal hits of 1988 as you ponder about where all the years have gone. Remember Sugar Ray and Lou Bega? They’re over in 1999. It’s catalogue dates from 2013 back to 1960 – a playlist peppered with hits by Elvis, Ray Charles and Brenda Lee.

“For optimum nostalgia pick a childhood year,” explains the site. We’ll warn you in advance, The Nostalgia Machine will lead you down a rabbit hole.

Watch: TLC – No Scrubs

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