Richard in you Mind Release ‘Summertime’ EP

Rice Is Nice have signed the phenomenally talented Richard In Your Mind. Their first outing on our label will be the digitally released ‘Summertime EP’.

The Summertime EP sees Richard In Your Mind delivering a refreshing treat in anticipation of their soon-to-be-released 2nd album.

A motley crew of extroverted dorks, shy bookworms and punch-spiking delinquents, the songs on the Summertime EP felt they didn’t need those new album songs to be cool. Instead they started their own club.

From the early 90s hip-hop flavours of ‘Make It Chill’ through to the frenetic 60s-meets-now explosion that is ‘Summertime Boogie (do the)’, RIYM have crafted a super-fun half hour of music, best served with BBQs, beach volleyball and tasty, tasty naan bread. Richard In Your Mind’s Summertime EP is your one-way ticket to party paradise and inner tranquility.


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