Ricky Gervais Releases Episode 1 Of ‘Learn Guitar With David Brent’

Ricky Gervais‘ most famous creation, David Brent, is back in all of his shifty-eyed, tight-lipped, smiling glory and this time The Best Boss Ever is out of The Office and teaching you to play guitar. Well, he’s not teaching you, you’re teaching you.

This is a David Brent lesson, so he’s not going to start at the beginning. He’s not going to teach you the chords you don’t need or what order they should go in. In fact, he taught himself, which is why he wants to teach you to teach yourself. He’s also going to play the number we got a taster of during the teaser trailer, Life On The Road, all about the hard life of being a company rep, complete with responsible lyrics like “Life on the road, don’t need a heavy load, foot down to the floor, 70 miles an hour but never more“.

It may have been 10 years since The Office but Gervais’ most famous character is still as awkwardly awesome as ever (and making use of terms like “urinal lozenge”). Stay tuned for a new installment of the mocktorial each week as part of YouTube’s first ever Comedy Week.

WATCH: Learn Guitar With David Brent – Life On The Road

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