Rico Nasty Is Going To Release A ‘Nightmare Vacation’ Comic Book

Just a week since the release of her debut album, Rico Nasty has announced there’ll be a Nightmare Vacation-themed comic book coming our way.

The comic book is titled Nightmare Vacay. Announcing its release, Rico Nasty said, “I just dropped my very own COMIC BOOK!”

She shared it with a few photos of the book, which is written by her and comic creator Jarrett Williams, while Aladdin Collar took care of the colouring.

As for the synopsis?

“Rico Nasty is deep in space recording her latest album. Unfortunately, an accidental cannabis nap sends her spaceship, CAM, crashing onto Earth,” says the book’s description.

“Waking up at a soulless android facility, she’ll have to survive on noodles while searching for her missing ship—but at least she has the help of her new, dope girlfriends, Taco Bella & Trap Levigne.

“Together, they’ll battle countless androids while trying to find CAM and finish her new album.”

It’s available in a light mode and dark mode and is available for pre-order now.

It seems to be slated for a January 2021 drop. Huge.

Her debut album came out last Friday, 4th December. Read our review of Nightmare Vacation here.

Listen to 10/10 banger, ‘IPHONE’ below.

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