Rihanna Covers Tame Impala On Her New Album

It’s been a very interesting day in camp Rihanna. First she released Work, the Drake-featuring first single from her long awaited eighth album ANTI, and then TIDAL went ahead and accidentally leaked the album.

The album was only up for a few seconds but it was long enough for fans to screenshot the tracklist and record some of the album previews, revealing a track that is actually a cover of a Tame Impala song.

Track nine on the album is called Same Ol’ Mistakes and is a cover of the Aussie band’s track New Person, Same Old Mistakes. The Kevin Parker-penned cut was the final track of the band’s 2015 record Currents.

Pitchfork have got their hands on an alleged 30 second clip of the song which sounds pretty similar to Tame Impala’s version, minus the fact that it’s Rihanna in the drivers seat this time around instead of Kev.

There’s still no release date for ANTI but surely it will come soon given that it’s basically all over the internet thanks to someone at TIDAL who is no doubt having a terrible day right now.

UPDATE 28/01/16:  Here’s the full version of Rihanna’s Tame Impala cover.

UPDATE 28/01/16: ANTI has now been officially released via Tidal and does indeed include a cover of Tame Impala’s New Person, Same Old Mistakes. Check out the official tracklisting, via Billboard, below.

UPDATE 28/01/16:  Rihanna is now offering the album as a free download.

Check out the clip of Same Ol’ Mistakes below.

Listen: Tame Impala – New Person Same Old Mistakes

ANTI Official Tracklisting

01 Consideration [ft. SZA]

02 James Joint

03 Kiss it Better

04 Work

05 Desperado

06 Woo

07 Needed Me

08 Yeah, I Said It

09 Same Ol’ Mistakes

10 Never Ending

11 Love On the Brain

12 Higher

13 Close to You

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