Rihanna’s Dad Voices Concerns For His Daughter’s Wellbeing

If you’ve ever wondered what Rihanna’s family thinks about her recent escapades, they aren’t loving it. After she tapped out of a run of shows on her Diamond tour, Rihanna’s father has expressed his concerns for his daughter’s wellbeing on account of her hugely public life, big work commitments and shonky love life.

Ronald Fenty has confided with UK publication Heat saying “I think she needs a little rest…I think she might be working too hard. It’s taken a toll on her.” The remarks come in the wake of recent show cancellations on account of health issues, but around the time of one cancelled show, RiRi was spotted partying hard in Miami.

Other sources close to the pop sensation say you don’t need to look too far to uncover the reason behind the issue, explaining to Music News that:

“she’s emotionally drained by the Chris [Brown] roller-coaster, and she’s now worrying if it will even last… Chris kept Rihanna at arm’s length for months last time the Drake thing blew up. The last thing she needed was for it to be brought up again. She’s spent most of the tour in her hotel room ‘ she’s feeling so low.”

Referencing a recent radio interview with ex-bo, Drake, who name-dropped Rihanna, which reignited the drama between all involved.

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