Rina Sawayama Teases Potential Forthcoming Australian Tour

Rina Sawayama has had an absolute banner 2020 with the release of her widely acclaimed debut album SAWAYAMA, and – despite the state of the world – she’s already teased an Australian tour.

In an exclusive reveal to Music Feeds, Sawayama told us that, as luck would have it, a plan for an Australian tour was already under way.

“I heard yesterday it’s already in the works,” Sawayama said when asked if she had plans to tour Australua, “so fingers crossed!”

She also gave a shout out to her live agents across the world, who have obviously suffered a colossal financial setback this year.

“The amount of work they have to do for all the artists – so many live agencies are going through furloughs and there’s so many redundancies,” she said.

“I’m so grateful that they push through. The reason I don’t cancel any of the tours because I want to make sure that the tickets all stay with the promoters and the venues that keep them abreast.”

Read our full interview with Sawayama here.

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