Ronnie Radke Turns On Fans After Domestic Assault Backlash

Falling in Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke very recently took to Twitter to take aim at those who were quick to ditch the vocalist following recent domestic violence charges. Radke was quick to point the finger at his so-called fans, reminding them not to “believe everything you read on the internet”.

Well, as much as you can argue that you can’t believe everything you see on a convicted felon’s Twitter feed, people in glass houses shouldn’t through stones. Though no official statement has come through from Radke or his people, it’s believed he will explain his own turn of events in good time. Until then, he has vented at ‘fans’ abandoning the ex Escape The Fate singer at the first signs of trouble, only to re-assimilate with him when he and his band are in town.

His recent Twitter rant is in reference to his arrest this past week in relation to assault charges laid against him by his girlfriend at their home in LA. An outstanding warrant for his arrest was executed and Radke was taken into custody without incident. The official police report can be checked out below thanks to Live The Scene as well as the tweets.

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