Rush, Heart, Public Enemy Amongst Those Set For Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame 2013

Just as promised, today has brought with it the announcement of the finalists selected to be added to the illustrious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Selected for their immeasurable influence on music and society, the inductees included Rush, Heart, Public Enemy, Randy Numan, Donna Summer and Albert King.

The weight of the announcement has not been lost on any of the new additions. Rush singer and bassist, Geddy Lee, described the news as “a terrific honor”, adding that he and the boys will “show up smiling.” However, Lee hasn’t lost sight of the bigger picture, telling Rolling Stone magazine that he knows who all the credit belongs to – the fans: “It was a cause they championed,” he says. “I’m very relieved for them and we share this honor with them, for sure.”

Public Enemy were neck and neck with peers N.W.A earlier in the year when the shortlist was released, though they pulled through in the end, becoming only the fourth hip hop outfit to receive the nod.

Lou Adler and Quincy Jones were also involved, receiving the Ahmet Ertegun Award for non-performers.

After decades in the game, Heart seemed relieved by their inclusion in the hall. “Some people have an idea of what the shape of rock & roll is supposed to look like,” says Ann Wilson, speaking on behalf of herself and sister Nancy, also in the band. “We’re not really it. Personally, that’s why I think it’s taken quite a while… We’re always traveling and out there doing it. It can start to feel like you’re a tree falling in the forest, but nobody notices. So this kind of acknowledgement is really sweet.”

According to Randy Newman, “I thought maybe I’d have to die before they let me in,” but the iconic musician is pleased that he will live to see the day. The same cannot be said for Summers and King, who will be receiving the award posthumously.

This marks the first time that the public were able to influence the outcome, with voting available online.

The ceremony itself will take place April 18th, 2013 at the Nokia Theater in the US.

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