Ryan Adams Wrote A Song For Internet Cat Lil BUB

Ryan Adams announced this week that he’s releasing a new album called Prisoner and while many musicians chose to share that news with human interviewers, Adams chose to tell a cat.

He announced the news of the album on internet cat Lil BUB’s show Big Show in a very strange strangely satisfying interview.

Adams is obviously a cat lover because he’s very good at dealing with the whole situation, walking the cat through some very short snippets on the album.

BUB even asks Adams to write some poetry about BUB, space, time travel, love, telekinesis, vivid dreams and telepathy and he obliges writing something that’s actually very good for the short time he had.

He then turns it into a song and serenades BUB which is just another weird twist in an interview that’s full of them.

Adams will release his record Prisoner on 17th February 2017 but he’s already dropped one track off it Do You Still Love Me?

Check out his interview with Bub below.

Watch: Lil BUB’s Big SHOW Episode 14: Ryan Adams

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