Sarakula Announces Final Solo East Coast Tour For 2009

Australian singer-songwriter Sarakula writes edgy piano-pop songs that you can’t get out of your head. He has been pursuing the dream of de-constructing the perfect pop song while backing himself confidently at the piano. On his current record ‘City Heart’ he has dragged his piano-pop kicking and screaming out of his classic vinyl collection and into 2009.

Matchstick Girl is the current single release from ‘City Heart’. It is a driving indie tune complete with glockenspiels and sharp guitar stabs. It sweeps through Sydney’s Kings Cross late one night and questions our relationships and how we react within different elements of society. Matchstick Girl’s lyrical heart also features the ultimate pop cliché of boy-meets-girl love story but with a twist. Accompanying the release of this single is a film clip for Matchstick Girl by emerging director Lukasz Termer.

Sarakula’s new record ‘City Heart’ is full of the hooks and chord changes that he hears in his dreams. ‘City Heart’ has received airplay on Australian national broadcaster Triple J as well as fBi radio, 4ZZZ, PBS and other community radio stations Australia-wide and internationally on fm4 in Austria. He has performed in-studio on national radio in Australia (ABC National) and the UK (Absolute Radio). This year he has showcased the songs at two of Sydney’s biggest outdoor community festivals, Surry Hills Festival and Mardi Gras Fair and has also promoted the album on a nation-wide tour with his band. He has also just completed a solo UK tour to showcase ‘City Heart’.

To celebrate the release of the Matchstick Girl single and film clip, Sarakula will be performing a solo tour on the Australian east coast to finish off 2009.

Wednesday 18th November

Hotel Hollywood – Surry Hills, Sydney

Saturday 28th November

Rainbow Hotel – Fizroy, Melbourne

Sunday 29th November

Veludo – St.Kilda, Melbourne

Thursday 3rd December

Lass O’Gowrie – Newcastle

Friday 11th December

Grace Emily – Adelaide

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