Scottish B&B Owners Have Praised Their Charming And Polite Guest Kanye West

More often that not you’re hearing stories of Kanye ranting or getting himself in trouble so here’s a little good-Kanye news for the history books.

Kanye booked out seven rooms at a quaint £150 B&B, Skeabost House Hotel, on Scotland’s Isle Of Skye and apparently charmed the pants off the owners and staff there.

“Kanye was the perfect guest – charming, courteous and polite,” said hotel owner Anne Gracie (via NME).

“We were delighted to offer him and his companions our usual Highland hospitality and would welcome him back any time.”

Yeezy was apparently not just there to be polite. He was also filming the video for The Life Of Pablo track Waves. He’s yet to release a video for any track off the album yet so Waves would be the first.

It seems the Scottish hotel just can’t stop chatting about Mr. West with a spokesperson also saying that he was a bit of a ledge during his one night stay.

“Kanye checked into his room which overlooked the sea and had some supper before having a snooze in his four-poster bed,” they said.

“In the morning Kanye got up, had breakfast and went off to do his filming before coming back at lunch time very tired before having a snooze and some tea.”


Staff at the hotel say he “chatted to everyone” and was “just like one of the guys”. He didn’t allow photographs though.

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