See How Long You’d Last As Beyoncé’s Assistant According To This “Choose Your Own Adventure” Story

An ingenious Twitter user called Green Chyna has created a “choose your own adventure” Twitter thread that situates you as Beyoncé’s assistant for the day. You make choices on everything from what Queen Bey eats for breakfast, to which of her children to FaceTime, to strategically avoiding the risk of paparazzi as she dashes between functions.

The story branches out pretty extensively, with the ultimate goal being simply “don’t get fired” – a task that becomes increasingly more difficult as it progresses and you make different choices. It’s all illustrated with .gifs, and a lot of the storyline calls back to Beyoncé’s past and present.

It’s a lot of fun, and really quite clever, a modern-day callback to the interactive fiction games of digital yore. It’s also probably one of the more interesting pieces of user-generated content on a social media site.

Click through the thread’s first tweet below to get started – and don’t mess up.



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